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Metalfest 2012 May 31 - June 10, 2012 Austria, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic

W.A.S.P. Confirmed
Legendary US band W.A.S.P. with idolized Blackie Lawless will celebrate their 30th anniversary next year. Yep, correct, 30 years! The perfect reason to make your way to METALFEST to cheer mighty W.A.S.P. and join their celebrations. A fantastic live spectacle is for sure because W.A.S.P. always let the crowd go crazy with their classic metal songs. A new W.A.S.P. album is expected to be released next year as well, so do not miss this very unique opportunity and be a part of metal history!

Metalfest 2012 Lineup
Metalfest 2012 festival will take place in several locations throughout Europe between May 31 and June 10, 2012.
W.A.S.P., Kreator and Hypocrisy are among the bands that will perform at the Metalfest 2012 festival.
MetalFest Open Airs 2012
Metalfest 2012 dates:
May 31 – June 2, 2012 – Mining, Metalfest Austria
May 31 – June 2, 2012 – Dessau, Metalfest Germany/East
June 1 – June 3, 2012 – Jaworzno, Metalfest Poland
June 3 – June 5, 2012 – Zadar, Metalfest Croatia
June 5 – June 7, 2012 – Milan, Metalfest Italy
June 7 – June 9, 2012 – Loreley, Metalfest Germany/West
June 7 – June 10, 2012 – Pratteln, Metalfest Switzerland
June 9 – June 10, 2012 – Plzen, Metalfest Czech Republic

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"Lifes One Big Party Thrown Here By God,
We All Get Invitations If We Like It Or Not"

W.A.S.P's eighth album, STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH, was released internationally during June 1995. It would not be until one year later, August '96, that STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH makes it's U.S. debut on Castle Records. The U.S. release featured four bonus tracks "One Tribe", "Skinwalker", as well as covers of Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down", and AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie". Ironically, STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH was originally slated for release as a Blackie Lawless solo album but due to the heavy content, Blackie changed his mind and released it as a W.A.S.P. album. Produced by Blackie and engineered & mixed by Mikey Davis, STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH features Bob Kulick on lead guitar, Frankie Banali on drums, Mark Joesphson on electric violin, Tracey Whitney/K.C. Calloway on background vocals, current W.A.S.P. drummer Stet Howland adding additional percussion, and of course Blackie on guitar/bass/keyboards/ and vocals.
"Although I do not consider this a "Conceptual" record there are some common threads that run throughout the piece," explains Blackie Lawless on STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH's liner notes. "This record picks up where the "Crimson Idol" left off. I have stated on numerous occasions that THE CRIMSON IDOL has taken me on a bizarre journey, one that I wasn't sure I wanted to repeat anytime soon....But the journey goes on. Not one of a suicidal icon, but of myself, and when I look back on THE CRIMSON IDOL I see far more similiarites between Jonathan and myself that I would have ever allowed myself to believe at the time I wrote it. Naive as it may sound, it's true. I was hiding behind Jonathan because I didn't want to admit it to myself, much less the rest of the world."
Black Forever/Goodbye America


Be Careful What You Wish For...
It May Come True

THE CRIMSON IDOL is a full length conceptual album that tells the twisted tale of a suicidal rock & roll icon and the perils that come with fame. With guitarist Chris Holmes no longer a member of W.A.S.P., Blackie Lawless recorded THE CRIMSON IDOL with guitarist Bob Kulick and drummers Stet Howland and Frankie Banali. Voted one of the Top 20 conceptual albums of all-time by Metal Hammer magazine, THE CRIMSON IDOL is obviously more of a soundtrack than say a straight rock n' roll album. Released internationally in '92, THE CRIMSON IDOL was not released in the United States until 1993 and gave W.A.S.P. their first U.S. radio hit single with "Hold On To My Heart." Ironcally enough, it was the way Capitol Records handled the push (or lack thereof) on "Hold On To My Heart" that made Blackie decide to leave Capitol Records.
"The main theme of the "Crimson Idol" which is a haunting acoustic guitar riff was in a Sister song called "What I Am,". "I've always been very economical with my songwriting. If something wasn't working out I'd scrap it. But if something was a good idea but not ready, or didn't quite fit what we were doing at the time, I'd go back to it later and re-work it."
During an interview conducted with RIP Magazine, Blackie Lawless had this to say- "THE CRIMSON IDOL is an enormously complicated story. There are ten songs on it and each one is a euphenism for something else. Nothing on this album is really what it appears to be at first glance. Everything is a symbol for something else. The story was written from a satirical point of view. That means that wherever a person is at their life and whoever's viewpoint they're listening to in the story are going to determine the story they're going to get. If you're 18 and you listen to it, you're going to see one thing. If you go back and listen to it five or ten years later, you're going to get a completely different story. I didn't want to create fast food for the ears. I wanted something that I thought was going to have longevity.

Chainsaw Charlie
The Idol
I Am One
Hold On To My Heart


The Titanic Overture - (B Lawless)
The Invisible Boy - (B Lawless)
Arena Of Pleasure- (B Lawless)
Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the new morgue)- (B Lawless)
The Gypsy Meets The Boy- (B Lawless)
Doctor Rocktor- (B Lawless)
I Am One - (B Lawless)
The Idol - (B Lawless)
Hold On To My Heart - (B Lawless)
The Great Misconceptions Of Me - (B Lawless)
The Story of Jonathan (The Prologue to the Crimson Idol)


Phantoms In The Mirror - (B Lawless)
The Eulogy
- (B Lawless)
When The Levee Breaks - (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham)
The Idol (Live Acoustic)
- (B Lawless)
Hold on to my Heart
(Live Acoustic) - (B Lawless)
I Am One (Live Doninigton 1992)
- (B Lawless)
Wild Child
(Live Doninigton 1992) ) - (B Lawless/C Holmes)
Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)
(Live Doninigton 1992) - (B Lawless)
I Wanna Be Somebody
(Live Doninigton 1992) - (B Lawless)
The Invisible Boy
(Live Doninigton 1992) - (B Lawless)
The Real Me
(Live Doninigton 1992) - (P Townshend)
The Great Misconceptions of Me (Live Doninigton 1992)
- (B Lawless)


"Thunder rolling down the highway, These wheels of fire eat you alive,
Them outlaw riders going my way, A Harley child until I die"

Released: April 1989 - Capitol Records

It was during April '89 that THE HEADLESS CHILDREN was released showing a new dimmension of W.A.S.P.. With more topical lyrics and political subject matter, W.A.S.P. had evolved to a new level of songwriting. Produced by Blackie Lawless and engineered/ mixed by Mikey Davis, THE HEADLESS CHILDREN saw guitarists Blackie Lawless and Chris Holmes team up with bassist Johnny Rod, keyboard player Ken Hensley, and drummer Frankie Banali. The end result was one devastating album, one that many critics consider W.A.S.P's strongest release. W.A.S.P. would tour endlessly in support of THE HEADLESS CHILDREN which reached #48 on the Billboard album chart and ultimately became W.A.S.P.'s best selling album. At the end of the Headless tour, guitarist Chris Holmes left W.A.S.P. while Blackie began working on a rock opera that would take him the better part of two years to complete.
In April of '89, a Kerrang review of THE HEADLESS CHILDREN gave the new release 5K's. This is what the reviewer, Dave Reynolds, had to say- 'The Headless Children sees W.A.S.P. aiming to fully punch the fact home. Make no mistake, they're back and in no real mood for party games. At times 'The Headless Children' is downright evil... Riff wise we're talking big ones. The guitar playing combined with Johnny Rod's bass work and the shit-hot drumming of guest star Franke Banali from Quiet Riot cannot in anyway be faulted, even if, at times, parts are comparible to Kiss. This is truly fantastic, primal metal to be proud of as Blackie the preacher gives it to us straight.'

Mean Man
The Real Me
Forever Free


Released: 1998- Snapper Music

* These 2 tracks are LIVE tracks recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, London 1989)


"Call of the wild I'm a lunatic child, I wait in the bush,
I watch you and smile, Dinner's at eight, I can't hardly wait,
I'll eat you alive, baby don't you be late"

  • I DON'T NEED NO DOCTOR - (N Ashford/
    V Simpson/J Arnstead)
  • L.O.V.E. MACHINE - (B Lawless)
  • 9.5. NASTY - (B Lawless/C Holmes)
  • SLEEPING (IN THE FIRE) - (B Lawless)
  • THE MANIMAL - (B Lawless/C Holmes)
  • SLEEPING (IN THE FIRE) - (B Lawless)
  • I WANNA BE SOMEBODY - (B Lawless)
  • HARDER FASTER - (B Lawless)
  • BLIND IN TEXAS - (B Lawless)
    C Esposito/ N Citron)

Released: September 1987 - Capitol Records

1987 saw W.A.S.P release a live album entitled LIVE... IN THE RAW.Recorded at the Long Beach Arena and the California Theatre, LIVE... IN THE RAW reached #77 on the Billboard album chart.
LIVE... IN THE RAW included one studio track "Scream Until You Like It" which was the theme song for the horror movie "Ghoulies II". Also during this time period drummer Steve Riley leaves the band and joins LA Guns. Due to past drummer problems, W.A.S.P. decided to remain a three piece, hiring drummers for studio and live work. One of 87's highlights saw the band perform at Castle Donnington.
Fully understanding that they had to come back stronger than ever after releasing a live album, W.A.S.P. took the better part of 1988 off in order to re-charge and write THE HEADLESS CHILDREN.
Scream Until You Like It

Released: 1997 - Snapper Music
      • I DON'T NEED NO DOCTOR - (N Ashford/V Simpson/J Arnstead)
      • L.O.V.E. MACHINE - (B Lawless)
      • 9.5. NASTY - (B Lawless/C Holmes)
      • SLEEPING (IN THE FIRE) - (B Lawless)
      • THE MANIMAL - (B Lawless/C Holmes)
      • SLEEPING (IN THE FIRE) - (B Lawless)
      • I WANNA BE SOMEBODY - (B Lawless)
      • HARDER FASTER - (B Lawless)
      • BLIND IN TEXAS - (B Lawless)
      • SCREAM UNTIL YOU LIKE IT - (P Sabu,/C Esposito/ N Citron) 
      • SHOOT IT FROM THE HIP (LIVE) - (B Lawless)
      • WIDOWMAKER (LIVE) - (B Lawless)
      • SEX DRIVE (LIVE) - (B Lawless/C Holmes)
      • SLEEPING (IN THE FIRE) (ACOUSTIC) - (B Lawless)

Welcome, I bid you welcome to life
Inside the electric circus

Released: September 1986 - Capitol Records
W.A.S.P.'s third studio album INSIDE THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS was recorded during July '86 at the Pasha Music House in Hollywood, CA. Prior to the recording of INSIDE THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS guitarist Randy Piper left the group. King Cobra bassist Johnny Rod was brought into the fold with Blackie Lawless switching from bass to rhythm guitar. Produced by Blackie Lawless and mixed by Michael Wagener,
Inside The Electric Circus was released in October '96 and reached #60 on the Billboard album chart. INSIDE THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS was supported by W.A.S.P.'s biggest tour to date, including dates with Iron Maiden and Slayer.
"The only time we did not receive a bomb threat during the entire "Inside the Electric Circus" tour was when we played Long Beach Arena," explains Blackie to the W.A.S.P. Nation. "I did not know about that until the tour was over. The room got cleared at the Orpheum in Boston. I think the room got cleared three times on that tour and that's a big pain in the ass having to clear out all the people, have dogs sniff for bombs, and then get them back in. Needless to say the show's were a little late in getting started to say the least."

I Don't Need No Doctor

Released: 1997 - Snapper Music